Rebecca Cole of NBC's Today Show says, "Adam has made a career of revealing worlds seldom seen. From documenting civil war in El Salvador to recording everyday life in Cuba to showing the aftereffects of war on the people of Vietnam and the children of Iraq, he uncovers the beauty and humanity of life rarely viewed in clear focus. It is his passion for finding a new way of looking at things that makes all his work as provocative as it is beautiful."

"This is an exquisite book. Mr. Kufeld transports us to a world within flowers which defies the imagination.....with the vision of an artist, Kufeld presents flowers as though they were paintings. The images are passionate and sensual. They awaken all of the senses. One sees flowers in a new and special way after spending time with this book. This is a book for self reflection, for giving to someone you really care about. It is for plant and flower lovers, lovers of nature, lovers in general. "--David H. Levinson

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"....powerful images......the photograph's, really, have a language of their own."
British Bulletin of Publications, April 1991

"...a magnificent tribute to human endurance."
San Francisco Chronicle, Dec, 2 1990

"The photographs (and poems) are beautiful. They're simple beautiful."
Grace Paley, 1994

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To view photographs from "El Salvador" visit  Atlas Magazine.

"....Kufeld's photographs are beautiful."
Entertainment Weekly, Aug. 26 1994

"Kufeld is a gifted photographer....."
San Jose Mercury News, December 22, 1994

"... a talented photographer..."
Travel Books Worldwide, March 1995

"...Remarkably beautiful photographic profile of Cuba."
Portland Oregonian, Aug, 8, 1994

"A fine collection of vibrant and expressive photographs."
Library Journal, August 1994

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Mungo Park  or view images from the book at  Atlas Magazine.